Social Media Against Humanity

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Who decides what should stay online and what should be removed? Who should be in charge of such a task? Is it possible to establish a global consensus about this?

Through a fun game, participants will discuss content moderation on social media, and how its “rules” and parameters can be biased by each person’s principles and beliefs.

How to play

The host will display to the audience 10 “cards” that show controversial social media posts (they could be real or invented). For each one, there will be a quick introduction to know more about the context of the post, and the facilitators will start the conversation by some ice breaking questions or facts.

Let’s see an example. Imagine you are responsible of moderating all the social media content on the Internet and you have to review this post:

As you, each participant from the audience will vote between one of the following 4 options:

  • ACCEPT: Although controversial, the content is licit and should be kept online.
  • WARN: The content shouldn’t be taken down, but it should have some warning label, or its author should get a strike one.
  • REMOVE: The content shouldn’t be online. It must be deleted.
  • PROSECUTE: The content must be deleted and its author should be reported to the authorities.

After giving a couple of minutes to all the participants to vote, we’ll show results in real time, and participants will have the chance to express their opinions about how similar content should be treated and moderated. Also, the facilitators will be giving their opinion about the topic.

At the end, after discussing the 10 cards, there will be time for an open mic where the players will have the chance to ask questions, express their opinion and debate with other participants.

The ideal player

There are no specific requirement to be a player. “Social Media Against Humanity” is a game for EVERYBODY! Curiosity, respect and the willingness to learn and have fun are the only requirements to play this game.

Important information

The workshop will be conducted in English, but we will offer material and instructions to let Spanish speakers participate in the game. We encourage you to spread the voice within your friends to join us: diversity is fundamental in this game, we want to know all your ideas!

We are strongly committed to creating a safe and respectful place for everybody: we follow a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against racism, harassment and all sorts of misconduct. For more details please read the Code of Conduct of the event.